JordanDixon1 (238)

I found this out when looking at a kahoot bot ai. I was messing around with stuff and figured out that I can unblock everything. Unfortunatly, there's no sound.

I seem to have corrupted the file somehow XD I'm Working on a V2 that will feature shift functionality. V3 may or may not have sound idk, we'll see.

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Foster_Bryant (80)

This was discovered a long time ago. We just never said anything 😐

Foster_Bryant (80)

@IreoluwaRaufu Yeah and sometimes it would lose connection even if u had internet lmaoo. I think that was a repl problem that was fixed recently

IreoluwaRaufu (148)

@Zexogon ¯\(ツ)/¯ If you say so

Zexogon (584)

@IreoluwaRaufu hey do you have any better ways of doing this? Serious question, I’d love to see somthing like this but better if it exists

IreoluwaRaufu (148)

@Zexogon Look up onworks on google, find Windows 10, and run online. That's how I do it. I do commend @JordanDixon1 for this, though.

Zexogon (584)

@IreoluwaRaufu probably blocked by my school but I’ll try

Zexogon (584)

@IreoluwaRaufu this is cool but I can’t use it on my iPad

AdCharity (901)

@Foster_Bryant idk why @JordonDixon1 is even allowed to take credit for something like this cause it was on the repl blog (or a very similar version demonstrating this kind of capability)

IreoluwaRaufu (148)

@Zexogon lmao, your iPad? I couldn't code on something like that, I need a monitor, thank you very much. I'm not trying to discredit what @JordanDixon found, but I'm just saying that I (and many others) have better alternatives. I'm sure that he had no intention of taking credit for this, just to share something cool he found.

ChezCoder (128)

@Foster_Bryant it would lose connection when there was to much wifi

MaxCosta (6)


Zexogon (584)

@IreoluwaRaufu lol my school lets us use ipads all day and his solution does work on the ipad im not saying your solution isnt bettor or effective but his works well for my purposes and it is painfull but when i dont have my pc the ipad is big enough to work half decent (70% of my stuff is done on my ipad ;-;)