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LoneAce (226)

Hello there!

Just a brief intro this is an updated version of my previous Python Chatroom post

Link is here: https://repl.it/talk/share/Python-Public-Chatroom/21474

For public viewers please use the route "public"

~> Public chatroom that is more secure (Can't pretend to be a mod)
~> Private chatroom (Only for close friends for now)
~> /read to read messages without having to press enter (But if you want to send a new message restart the program
~> /quit to quit and change routes (As in for those allowed into the private chats)
~> /kick to kick everyone from a certain chatroom (For mods only)
~> Client and server separated, and server is a private repl so that its very secure

A journey of a thousand lines begin with a single line

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superwhiskers (39)


  1. authentication via ip addresses is insecure as ip addresses can change and don't represent single people
  2. you can't as your repl is behind a reverse proxy anyways, and the returned ip from the ip layer would be that of the proxy. (but it may be accessible through a header)