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Updated the Login Form...

Keep this as an Iframe in your Church website or whatever! It is a great Login form I created and Fork If you want. I copied codes from and keep this as an iframe! It puts the password as dots!
It now has a Captcha!

ChezCoder (1505)

@Ganesha1 I like the idea but maybe you should make it more i guess interactive? You can submit the login information without needing to do captcha... and also the login inputs don't need to be filled to be submited. Want me to help you? Add me to your colaboration and I will help you make your login form ACTUALLY work!


@ChezCoder Yes, Thank you ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1505)

@Ganesha1 I have invited you to the colaboration!
Click here

ChezCoder (1505)

@Ganesha1 just click this link to go to my repl and we can work together to create the login form, hows that sound?

SixBeeps (3080)

Okay, a few things:

  • The CAPTCHA is the same each time, making it pointless.
  • You have an h1 tag outside your body
  • Empty head tag can be removed

Other than that, interesting idea.

ChezCoder (1505)

@niorg2606 how good are you at the following languages?

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Life
    (I'm particularly bad at the last one)
ChezCoder (1505)

@niorg2606 do you want to help me make a login/signup page using the following languages?


I am only good at Python and HTML. @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1505)


ahh... I have already made the login form :)
Here is the link: