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chiliconco (34)

I am new to python and i programmed this. It took me quite a while. It may not be much but I am proud of it! Do you have any ideas on what I could implement this into in the future?

Thanks for taking the time to check this out :)


P.S If there are any errors PLEASE let me know!!


1.1 - Fixed capital letter error upon signing up/logging in.
1.2 - Fixed whitespace error upon signing up.
1.3 - If login/sign up is mistyped, the script now re-asks the question.
1.4 - Improved naviagtion
1.5 - PASSWORDS NOW HASHED! All credit goes to @Coder100 for helping me out
immensely with this! :)

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DJWang (1128)

Wow! Very impressive! However, trying to type In "sign up" with all the capital letters is very annoying. For example, do something like this instead:

print('Hello! What would you like to do?')
print('1. Sign Up')
print('2. Log In')
loginsignup = input('>>> ')
Then all your code down.

Very impressive! I've just started to learn about txt files, and this game can be put to very good use! Great job!

-DJStudios Team

chiliconco (34)

@DJWang Thank you for your kind words, I have taken on board what you said and modified the script so it is not case sensitive :) Many thanks

DJWang (1128)

@chiliconco No Problem! The code looks much simpler and the game is better! Keep up the good work! :)


DJWang (1128)

@chiliconco :) You're a great coder!

syc1 (20)

@DJWang or, more conveniently, just convert the input to all lowercase

chiliconco (34)

@syc1 that is what I did to fix the code.