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chiliconco (34)

I am new to python and i programmed this. It took me quite a while. It may not be much but I am proud of it! Do you have any ideas on what I could implement this into in the future?

Thanks for taking the time to check this out :)


P.S If there are any errors PLEASE let me know!!


1.1 - Fixed capital letter error upon signing up/logging in.
1.2 - Fixed whitespace error upon signing up.
1.3 - If login/sign up is mistyped, the script now re-asks the question.
1.4 - Improved naviagtion
1.5 - PASSWORDS NOW HASHED! All credit goes to @Coder100 for helping me out
immensely with this! :)

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Hello, some things to know:
1. Don't store passwords in plaintext (passwords.txt file)
2. for the "login" and "signup" stuff, you can check user input and then check .tolower.charAt(0) to see which one it corresponds to

chiliconco (34)

@sanjaykdragon Do you suggest i look into python encrytion then? Also I will take a look at the login and sign up stuff and improve it. Thank you :)


@chiliconco encryption is useless, look at hashing