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chiliconco (34)

I am new to python and i programmed this. It took me quite a while. It may not be much but I am proud of it! Do you have any ideas on what I could implement this into in the future?

Thanks for taking the time to check this out :)


P.S If there are any errors PLEASE let me know!!


1.1 - Fixed capital letter error upon signing up/logging in.
1.2 - Fixed whitespace error upon signing up.
1.3 - If login/sign up is mistyped, the script now re-asks the question.
1.4 - Improved naviagtion
1.5 - PASSWORDS NOW HASHED! All credit goes to @Coder100 for helping me out
immensely with this! :)

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Apple05222 (0)

I did it, but I got a "Login Failed." followed with "Login Succesful"

p.s. Succesful is spelled wrong. (Successful) I don't mean to make you feel bad but, just to let you know.

chiliconco (34)

@Apple05222 haha, no bad feelings :) your problem seems to be common but I cant find what is wrong. I will have a look later. Thanks!!

Apple05222 (0)

@chiliconco lol, thanks, sorry i responded really late responding and am not sure if you are still working on this project, but the code still says login failed then login successful after it. Just thought I would revisit some of the people's projects that I've seen.