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Version 1 of new game
adityaru (99)

This is new my game...

It is quite basic in features, yet I'm still proud of it.

How to play

There are instructions in the game and you can go . Note, some rules are different in my spin-off.

Anyways, The way that the game works is quite simple,

  • First, the program asks you how big the grid should be in 'n' units. All that means is, how long should each side of the grid be.
  • Next, it asks for user-names
  • And from there on, it should be plain sailing or should I say, gaming!

What I am going to add

I am planning on:
a) Cleaning the code more ('cause it is a mess)
b) Adding an 'A.I' to it! This kind of intentionally vague on purpose.

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