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Very very bad password strength tester
ChezCoder (1501)

First of all, I would like to say that this project is 99.99% safe and isn't sending your passwords across the internet. Even so, there are millions of other good sites to test your passwords with so use this project ONLY FOR FUN!!!

Please upvote, this project took a lot of time and will tell me it was worth it :)
Upvoting doesn't cost you anything but it can cost me a lot!

If you still don't trust this project, go to the file explorer and click on It will give you all the proof I can give you.

This project is still on it's beta stages so there may still be a lot of bugs!

Geocube101 (589)

about that remaining "0.01" percent?

My password (which is a piece of code from my custom coding language) is Un-Hackable

ChezCoder (1501)

@Geocube101 well as mentioned earlier, this password strength tester is still in beta versions so please dont take it seriously!

Geocube101 (589)

@ChezCoder I won't
Though this did give me a good idea to attempt to build one