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Virtual iPod Classic!
ebp11 (29)

(Note that is work in progress, check back often for more features)
After I made virtual iPod Shuffle (, I now am working on iPod Classic.


  • Scroll on buttons to navigate
  • Click wheel
  • User guide
  • Unlimited storage
  • Apps coming!


E11, the company responsible for the creation of this product designated as the "Virtual iPod Classic", was not the original designer. The design is based on the real iPod Classic, which was designed and marketed by Apple. This programme only aims to recreate, not replace, the real-life iPod. However, you are free to use the iPod as a replacement if you cannot afford an iPod.
E11 also aims to keep the code as simple as possible.
It is 100% prohibited to copy or fork this code, which is prottected by the Timonoucitian Creative Works Agency (TCWA) and Copyright (C).

JBYT27 (1177)

WOW! Very realistic! Nice job!

ebp11 (29)

@JBYT27 It shall improve over the next few weeks. After that, I shall work on iPod Mini, then the iPod Nano, then the iPod Touch, then the iPhone [12 Pro Max].

JBYT27 (1177)

GL! Sounds very interesting! @ebp11