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#WEEKLY 10 / 1 :) goal: top100!
potatojs (799)

let's get into it :)


my calculator has:

  • two themes: dark and light with a cute little image <3
  • all the important calculations in my opinion cos-1...are useless
  • NO bugs!!!!!!
  • i really don't know what to say just open it in a new tab :)
    my dream is to get in the top 100 plz! :(
LTI2 (112)

Good calculator

potatojs (799)

ehhhh what's the problem here?

LTI2 (112)

@potatojs nothing you could just expand it a lot

DynamicSquid (4377)

top 100? not even 100 people are competing lol

potatojs (799)

you just ruined my dream lol

CodeLongAndPros (1465)

Cosine, sine, and tangent does not work.

potatojs (799)

use them in the start not after you write a [email protected]

BobTheTomatoPie (1413)

You did an amazing job but I do have one suggestion, in the css do this

outline: none;

This way when you click on the light/dark mode thing it won't have that blue line around it



mikepython (14)

Top tip: In your CSS, instead of using hard-coded pixels, use vh. ‘What is VH’? VH is a value that dynamically adjusts based on your screen height. So if your browser tab was super-short, the calculator would still be usable. There is also a different value that works based on your screen width it’s called vw. V stands for Viewport, h for height and w for width. I also recommend using CSS grids for your nice calculator :)

mikepython (14)

@potatojs So, how’d it turn out?

potatojs (799)

thanks! and ok i read a little about it and it was a really good tip i always wanted something like that (because i used the % that don't give me always a percentage i want :))!but i don't think it will help in the calculator maybe in something else

noquinn (23)

really well done!

k9chelsea2 (702)

Is this a bug on my browser?

potatojs (799)

open on a new tab! :)
it's a bug in your brain lol [email protected]