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#WEEKLY 10: Calculator
SixBeeps (2572)

This took me a few hours to sketch up. Originally, I planned to have a calculator where all the buttons were randomly placed, but I figured that would be more frustrating than useful to use, so I toned that idea down and just made it look like a honeycomb.


  • Simple four-function calculation
  • Exponents, modulus, grouping
  • Four themes ranging from super light to super dark
  • Keybinds for every clickable button
    • Numbers and symbols go to their respective characters
    • Enter/= performs the calculation
    • Backspace/Del/C clears the display
    • Ctrl + 1-4 switches the theme

EDIT: I figured out that exponents were broken, so I fixed those.

NoelB33 (308)

Awesome! I love how you added different themes.

SixBeeps (2572)

@NoelB33 Hehe thanks. I needed 5 buttons on the bottom and ran out of ideas lol.

NoelB33 (308)

@SixBeeps Oh, I didn’t even noticed you themed it like a honeycomb! That was a good idea.

ZDev1 (367)


CodingPseudonym (34)

Good but why are the buttons all over the place?


Nice, I love the way it's laid out.

BeanDude (2)

I like the styling of the calculator and that there are options to change the color. But, I personally don't like the way the buttons are placed.

AbhayBhat (256)

Good job. I love how you can have multiple themes. Just one question... What is Weekly Challenge and what are the requirements for participating?

SixBeeps (2572)

@AbhayBhat The weekly challenges are posted on the Announcements board. Usually each challenge has its own set of restrictions/requirements, but anyone is free to participate.