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#WEEKLY 16 password vault

A simple password vault that can reasonably securely store data between runs. To store passwords, run the program, and then type in the master password. Type in add followed by your password (any utf8 character but a newline is valid input) and hit enter to store it. To view passwords, type in list. To store passwords to a file and exit program, type in logout. To reset the program, logout, then delete the file. To remove an individual password, enter list, take note of which line it is on, and then completely remove the line after that one in the file. Making any other alterations to the file may corrupt the stored information and/or cause the code to panic.

TheDrone7 (1502)

Doesn't seem to be working. Stuck here for 5 minutes.


It works, just type in a command at that point. Success is confirmed by a lack of failure.