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#WEEKLY 18 Character Sort Tool
HarperframeInc (307)

#Weekly 18

This is my Weekly 18 submission. I created a tool named character sort tool which will do whatever TheDrone1 wants it to do.

This also goes overboard with unique extraneous features and smart optimizations.

Here are some terms I made up:

  • Form: This is the scrambled/modified version of the original word.
  • Sort: The entire catalog of possible forms.


  • Ignore repeated characters
  • Import sorts from json
  • Save sorts to json
  • Very intutive interface.
  • Fast character sort builder


This tool has many optimizations for it with make it stand out from other tools.

One optimization is allowing repeated characters to be filtered. This lets you through the process much, much quicker. If characters are ignored, it makes the possible sort less broader and more specific. However this may not fit everyone's needs.

Also, json loading will allow portability and optimization for sorts, as json will instantly save and load your sort without you having to reload the sort again.


This tool is very hungry and will eat a lot of CPU and Memory. Make sure you have a super computer if you want to get text sorts in seconds.

Please Note

Please Note that this is not fool proof. This still encounters issues, but this has some optimizations that allow for processing larger words.


Try an example: abc.json or thedroneone.json (kinda works?)
Or make and save your own sort!