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#WEEKLY 19 Fibbo Prime
HarperframeInc (439)

#Weekly 19

It was hard to make this project intresting so instead I decided I would try to make the most minimial and efficent Fibbonacci Prime Generator.

This attempt is less than 50 lines of code and is almost instant for the first 9 primes. It is about a 5 minute wait for the 10th final primes.

Attempting to go over 10 primes will cause an overflow. However theortically this program would be able to go over 20 primes. However modern computing will limit this program due to integer limits.

This program is advantageous compared to higher level solutions - it's safe, fast, and ready-to-go. Lightweight too.

I really didn't have any choice as using python would lead to my program's eventual doom. I decided I would go with writing my program in rust, however I'm still a rust newbie, so I wasn't able to add cool features like saving (I was getting some weird Errors from fs::create(), I'm not sure why.)


  • Simplistic
  • Safe
  • Efficent

Would I use Rust over C++?