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Coder100 (12436)


Hello, here is this week's challenge! I wanted to write it in C++, but please help!!!!!


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DynamicSquid (4532)

Doctor: So why are you in here today?
Someone who's afraid of palindromes: I have aibohp- aibohph-
Doctor: I'm sorry?
Someone who's afraid of palindromes: I can't say it

Coder100 (12436)

You appear to know c++, can I ask some questions? @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (4532)

@Coder100 oh yeah sure, but if it's about the #WEEKLY, might wanna invite me to a private repl first :)

Coder100 (12436)

ok lets begin
how do you get the character count of a string? @DynamicSquid

ZDev1 (819)

@DynamicSquid @Coder100 this is the same as js

let hahaha = prompt('Wrte something\n');
let hahahahahahah = hahaha.length;

try this in a js repl (node)

ZDev1 (819)

@Coder100 string.length in cpp is the same in js