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Wack a Mole
AndrewZhao1 (59)

Wack the mole over and over again until you get tired. This took me around 4 hours. (You can now see the highscore)(also how is this on trending? I literally started 5 days ago)

Warhawk947 (513)

@DJWang that score is impossible because the for loop only goes up to 99999 not 999999 sorry bud ;)

DJWang (1129)

@Warhawk947 #Busted

@AndrewZhao1 You programmed that so I you could catch cheaters like me right

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@Warhawk947 uhh, IDK wut happened there

Warhawk947 (513)

@AndrewZhao1 an issue with threading most likely

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@Warhawk947 threading is not easy but on scratch its piece of cake

aguy11 (82)

@CodingCactus This happened to me too

dj43365 (1)

@AndrewZhao1 that is because scratch is easy peasy and i actually made the snake game

AbhayBhat (95)

I have an idea. Why don't you hold a variable for the amount of milliseconds to wait and each time, you decrease the variable by a few milliseconds so that it gets harder and harder each time!

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@AbhayBhat the games already so hard ya know...

dj43365 (1)

@AndrewZhao1 your game is easy with js

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@dj43365 hard to get a good score

lichr (1)

Awesome! It's fun to play.

Zavexeon (1055)

@UniqueOstrich18 Hey there, please don't advertise on other people's posts. Have a great day!

HiroEndin (24)

How to fake a godly score:

dj43365 (1)

how is it wackamole

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@dj43365 I guess becuz it's like you are trying to catch the one sortof

dj43365 (1)

@AndrewZhao1 you should make picture and use js because python isnt used for games that much

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@dj43365 I haven't learned java yet but I learn it next week so I can make this better

AbhayBhat (95)

@AndrewZhao1 He meant javascript, not java but i can teach u java if you want:)

dj43365 (1)

@AbhayBhat I can also teach you js

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@dj43365 oh, well I'm taking a camp so no need but thanks for offering

rian2008 (0)

Hi, I love the wack-a-mole. Please can I use the timer in one of my codes?

EmilyRobot96 (0)

I really liked this game! There is one thing though, what does this have to do with a mole? Maybe change the name to something more fitting?

EmilyRobot96 (0)

It's really cool! I don't get what this has to do with a mole though...
Maybe change the name to something more fitting. Also, it said the 'high score' is 7 but I went WAY past that.

funnyIce (0)

i dint get how to play it though XD

JonoLang (0)

Great Game! But the instructions aren't very clear...

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@JonoLang uh, so you will see a ton of 000000 but there will be a 1 so you need to type in what place the 1 is in order from left to right

DSAConnie (6)

i got 5 as score

HollyC7 (0)

This is pretty sweet!

JeffBobJoe (3)

it neat i like it :)

ShivaSubraman (9)


Snaddyvitch_Dis (0)

You can replace:
for x in range(99999):
while True:
for an infinite loop.

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@Snaddyvitch_Dis I did that to see if people would cheat and say they had a score of 99999999999999999

Hunt092 (0)

why don't you run with a while loop instead of a for loop

Hunt092 (0)

also you can just use the random in itself to place one in the position

Nathankang77 (17)

so um.. why wont it let me play (i dont mean to say its bad tho)

Nathankang77 (17)

@AndrewZhao1 it just shows like a tutorial but then it just stops.

Nathankang77 (17)

@AndrewZhao1 ohhhhhh now i know how 2 play srry bout it but im super bad at it but it neat and fun! :)

Bookie0 (2591)

This is kinda like the 4chances game @ChezCoder and me made!

But cool!

DeBeast591 (135)

Why did you use a for loop instead of a while true loop

while True:
  # Your code
AndrewZhao1 (59)

@DeBeast591 so people wouldn't say they had a score of 9999999999

Dazz (5)

@AndrewZhao1 How do you make the timer?

AndrewZhao1 (59)

@Dazz you can import time and work from there