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Thought it was annoying to constantly type "@" every time you ran an app? Guess what?! You don't have to anymore! Using my text-based selection GUI, all you have to do it press some arrow keys and enter! Have fun!

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--------------------------------------- Changelog--------------------------------------------------------
12.11.2019 - Started changelog, added Tic-Tac-Toe game, made the login a bit more secure.
12.12.2019 - Added Boot Animation, added instructions dialog to Tic-Tac-Toe game, added settings option to disable instructions dialog (view settings.other), bug fixes
12.27.2019 - Moved everything to the cloud, OOF.
1.8.2020 - 2020 woohoo! Also added logout function
1.15.2020 - Removed logout function =[ because it was too buggy
1.17.2020 - Fixed major bug where changing your username could delete your account, added a text-based GUI to almost everything
2.19.2020 - Fixed replit module issue
3.2.2020 - Cleaned up files

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SBCKing (8)

quick one how are you storing usernames and passwords on the cloud?
great project as well btw.

Warhawk947 (325)

@SBCKing I store all the information into the cloud with dictionaries. The username, passwords, and other things are in the dictionary.

SBCKing (8)

@Warhawk947 I think you misunderstood me. I mean how are you importing that dictionary from the cloud into your program and vice versa.

SBCKing (8)

@Warhawk947 Gotcha, I've had a look and it looks so much simpler than what i've been doing. I've been uploading my dictionaries to amazon s3 buckets and doing god knows what to access the json files. thanks!

SBCKing (8)

@Warhawk947 Also just a quick heads up i recommend you store you jsostore.io url in something called ".env" file. it only allows you the author to view the url(token). so when someone opens your files on repl they cant see the client token. see this: https://docs.repl.it/repls/secret-keys

Warhawk947 (325)

@SBCKing i am well aware of .env files. I would use them, but the reason I don't is because for some reason replit can't read .env files if you are viewing in a full tab (like https://warhawkos.warhawk947.repl.run/)

SBCKing (8)

@Warhawk947 Hmm... that is very weird i have to say