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Water Simulator
Jackolanternexe (70)

In this simulation you play a drop of water. You don't have to do anything, just watch. Feel free to add suggestions on what to add!

Lethdev2019 (199)

infinate loops!

this is no longer an 'unsuspected turn of events'

DynamicSquid (4602)

The code doesn't work on the last part

Jackolanternexe (70)

@DynamicSquid It's still a work in progress. I haven't added any options for the underground bit. Thanks though!

NoelB33 (340)

Could you add an option to speed up the text, it’s really slow.

Bookie0 (5656)

Cool! Maybe add some colors to make it more colorful and space out each sentence because it’s a bit too chunky...
Otherwise I like it!

Jackolanternexe (70)

@Bookie0 Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep it in mind.

Jackolanternexe (70)

@Bookie0 Both have been done! I'm still trying to add color to everything, but that'll take a bit more time.

jeremykyleisgod (46)

in the description please put do not type also how do you tag images



from time import sleep
import sys
def slow(text):

slow("Hello World!")

it will print letter by letter...

jeremykyleisgod (46)

@Zuhdi28 I tried this for my game but it doesn't work do you know why?


@jeremykyleisgod yes
you write it wrong
do it like this:

import sys
from time import sleep
def print_slow(text):
    for char in letter:

@jeremykyleisgod don't make an py str