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WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!

It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in!
Just try to explore!

sojs (43)

This is amazing!

HarperframeInc (230)

Creative mode needed. Feels like MC lite :) (The Nostalgia)


@HarperframeInc I thought it already was set so that the default gamemode was creative.

HarperframeInc (230)

@HENRYMARTIN4 No, I meant that it needs to be more creative like, with flying and all.

RobertFurr (18)

can you make it work something like this one?

DJWang (18)

@RobertFurr If you made it, impressive, however, this post is about Ahem... @HENRYMARTIN4 so let's talk about him.

TRACK3Rofficial (8)

Cool! One suggestion: can you do random world generators?

FoxoDemonic (2)

If you place a solid block on top of a glass block, it turns the grass into dirt underneath it.

TRACK3Rofficial (8)

@FoxoDemonic In the original minecraft, that's actually how it works.


@FoxoDemonic I tried to clone Minecraft's grass block mechanics, and failed.

TRACK3Rofficial (8)

@HENRYMARTIN4 I think that's how it works in the real game.


@TRACK3Rofficial I am a player, but when a block floats in the air above grass, it still changes the grass underneath.

TristanMisja (6)


CookieKB (1)

I found a bug:
when you hold left click mouse it starts to just move without using the keyboard.

DJWang (18)

Impressive game!

sirsnowy7 (0)

You should note that you didn't create this

spotandjake100 (10)

this is on github can you at least source it



How do you walk? Also I don’t know how to place things.


@MATTHEWBECHTEL You use the wasd keys. to break a block, press the left mouse button. to destroy a block, press the right mouse button.

duck132912 (39)

I made somthing like this but with multyplayer in development

duck132912 (39)

your multyplayer webcraft dont work

HarveyH (94)

I only have one suggestion, terrain generation, otherwise pretty noice!


WebCraft is now outdated! A new version is being made right now! I'll post the link when I finish.

zhidao (1)

I checked the code, it says there is lava. Is there an inventory??


cool cool how do i expode the tnt

ash15khng (234)

Wow this looks really cool!

Steven_The_GuyT (197)

Wow, cool! Hope you can make it exactly like minecraft soon!

ryanhcode (85)

Nice! Check out this:

TRACK3Rofficial (8)

@ryanhallihan While that is nice, this project is cooler because the creator(s) programmed this.

HappyFakeboulde (211)

@TRACK3Rofficial ... "the creator(s) programmed it"
isn't that true of literally every game ever

raghavm (62)

Can you move your mouse to change your view? Oh also great game!