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Weekly #9 Art Gallery!
CodingCactus (4116)

I missed this one hehe. But I just do these weeklys for the projects where i can practice css and learn js (still terrible at both)

So um here is cactus gallery!

Lots of cacti!

Cactus api!

(minx made this lol, not me (I learnt from them, yay! Now I know more stuff!))

basically, go to and it tells you what it does

Btw, pls clear your cache when you go on it if you've been on it before because flask caches the static files for some reason and if anything has changed, it won't have changed (also open in new tab obviously).

Have fun looking at the cacti!!!!

So the challenge says art gallery but I regard cacti as art so I think that counts lol.
DynamicSquid (4566)

Is it just me or does the bottom right picture look like a fuzzy snake?

JosephSanthosh (1197)


CodingCactus (4116)

@JosephSanthosh if you are referring to the post, the python is just the flask server and API stuff, the page is done with html/CSS/js (see the files)

If you mean in general python, it is a text based language so you can't but you can with things like pygame and tkinter you can

potatojs (821)

great! , wow really CACTUUCING HAHAHAHAHA
i have a question where did you get the title font? it's really cool

CodingCactus (4116)

@potatojs lol I just found it on Google, if you want to use it you can get it here:

potatojs (821)

thx great project! :)@CodingCactus

Barry123 (344)

This is very interesting


VivaanSa (29)

i like the mammillaria spinosissima


Oooh, cactus

DannyIsCoding (697)

This is very 🌵🌵🌵!