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Welcome to GRAVITY! A Text-Based Gravity Platformer!
ThatOneDude1 (130)


Beta 1.2

What Updates Were Added???

  1. Fixed Some Bugs
  2. Player can now stick to the wall, by trying to walk towards the wall
  3. More levels
  4. New Name!
  5. Storyline!

Chaos Caverns is a platformer game made completely in the python terminal! This is only an early Beta Version Prototype. My plan is to take a poll to see how people like it and continue to add to it based on your suggestions. At some point, when I think it is at it's best, I want to basically remake it in GameMaker Studio and polish it into an actual game. But that probably won't happen if people don't like it, because there's no point in making a game that people won't play.

How to play!

Main Screen Selection

For whatever you want to do, just press the key next to the action. For example, if you want to play story mode and it says 1] story mode, then press the 1 key.

Story mode and Playing Your Levels!

How to play is pretty simple. In the story mode, when you start it will tell you how to play, but in case you just want to learn beforehand, just press the key to do the action shown below the play area. For example, If it says A] Left, then press A to move the player left.

Making Levels

Using the level editor can be confusing and hard to explain. I do a good job of explaining it in the game so just read that. It also just takes some messing and playing around with to use properly. ALSO: If this get's really popular and there end-up being like 100s of levels then I will probably delete them every other Monday so that nothing becomes really laggy or buggy, but you can still make them if you'd like! I might even pick one to be added to the game!


If you like this game, then please upvote! That is how I measure how much you guys like the game and if you guys like the game and comment some suggestions then I will continue to update the game! Hope you enjoy the game

  • ThatOneDude1
ThatOneDude1 (130)

Hey! ThatOneDude1 here! I can tell a lot people like my game and that really means a lot to me! I plan on maybe doing one or two more updates but then that'll be all. In the next update I plan on adding more levels! If you have any ideas of what I should add then please comment!

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Yea. if you want me to tell you how to beat it then just tell me. I didn't mean for it to be so hard at first, but then it started to grow on me. @Bigbodyboy21

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Sry. I was in class. Just walk back and forth to make the enemy fall then switch gravity and get under the platform that has the portal on it while the enemy isn't. Then switch gravity again and go through portal. Hopes this makes it easier! :D @Bigbodyboy21

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Hey! I made a new update to the game! Plz check it out. There are more levels, a storyline, and a new name!

TTyrtle (0)

Two questions, when creating my level, how do I save it? and with that how do I go back after saving it?

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Once you are in the level editor press 1 to look at the key to know how to place items. Once you are finished, press 0 and it'll ask you if you want to save it. When giving the save a name, make sure you don't have spaces. After that, you may have to stop the program and start it again, but you need to be in the main menu and press 3 to go to the levels, then press whatever number corresponds to the [email protected]

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Please tell me once you´ve made a level, because I want to know if it only saves for that person or every one. @TTyrtle

TTyrtle (0)

i was making the level but when I went to save it it didn't work. i pressed 0 and did nothing @ThatOneDude1

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Thatś my bad! my reply before was a typo I meant to say that you need to press space. @TTyrtle

TTyrtle (0)

oh lol ok i will try now

TTyrtle (0)

Space has still done nothing... neither does space then 0... @ThatOneDude1

TTyrtle (0)

oh wait i got it. i dont need to press 1 first lol. @ThatOneDude1

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Okay. I have checked and I don´t see your level. :p That kinda sux. I thought anyone could play anyone´s level... @TTyrtle

TTyrtle (0)

i will try to make one later. its very frustrating when making it because if i accidentally place an item that isnt in the grid, it crashes and i have to fully restart. i havent made one yet because it is very difficult to make one without doing something that crashes the entire thing lol. @ThatOneDude1

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Yea. I understand. I probably posted it before I should've but I'm working on a lot of the bugs now. I made a simple level called Test, so if u want you can just tell me if when you go to "Your Levels" if you can see it. @TTyrtle

Smart0ne (697)

Awesome game! :) :) :)

DungeonMaster00 (171)

unfortunately if im right next to an enemy i die

can you make it so you die if you and the enemy are in the same position?

still pretty good. i like it

conkon300 (3)

There is a typo on line 290-something that doesn't allow you to play past level 4 or 5.

ThatOneDude1 (130)

I just tested it, and it works for me. Can you maybe try again and if it happens again then reply with a screenshot of the error code? I am currently working on the next update so I am trying to fix a lot of the bugs. @conkon300

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Okay! I will work on fixing it soon! @conkon300

conkon300 (3)

@ThatOneDude1 also, when you have an enemy on screen, and you are some where on the map, when you press s, you don't move, but the enemy moves, like usual.

conkon300 (3)

I just thought you might want to know

srinivasraj (0)

Your share is the great knowledge I have gathered, you are an important person I admire, thank you

EpicGamer007 (1492)

This is the best console game i have ever played in python. As bad of a language it is, this is still great.

PXY (39)

TLDR: Very good game!

First off, this game is exactly the kind of thing I'm into, so you've earned an upvote and a follower. There are, however, a few relatively glaring errors I'd like to point out for your first update.

There seems to be a conversion error with your level selection; maybe you assigned some value to the wrong var?

Notice the background & input text. The background hasn't been reset upon their use. I'd recommend the colorama module, although that's just for stylism. Also, for a terminal-based game, you can't prevent the user from typing, so I'd recommend an input-based system of input just for a terminal. "w" + "enter" should be fine, and also recommended because input spam can seriously slow the thing down.

#####Line 28 of

replace with the following; "if char in ['#','p','etc.']: function()".


Assigning these values to vars would make the code easier to program, debug and read. Whatever you think is appropriate would 100% work.

I also noticed that you used pickle rather than the os module to write and save files. Although a project like this can pickle string without any problem at all, I've had a waaaaay better time with Python's built in file writing and the os module's file creation. If you need a starting template, please ask!

I'm sorry for writing so much; I found this game's code interesting to read, and I'm certainly gonna cannibalize a few pieces of it :eyes:

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!

ThatOneDude1 (130)

NO! Don't say sorry! I love to hear feedback and I'll definitly look into your suggestions! Thanks! @PXY

ThatOneDude1 (130)

I was looking into the 1st problem you informed me of(the one with the level selection) because I've tested it probably 100 times and everytime it works for me. the level has a number next to it so whatever level you want to play then you just need to press the number next to it. Was this not the problem? @PXY

PXY (39)

I see, now! You should implement a failsafe feature (look up the try and except statements) so that users don't lock out of the game whenever they type something besides a [email protected]

ThatOneDude1 (130)

Okay. I'll try that in the next update I'm working on. Thanks! @PXY

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

this is pretty good.

Superblammao (7)

very nice! good job

GeneralBaker (54)

Interesting. I would like to see more.