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Welcome to the startup page of Ding
DigitalRipple (31)

Here's my first challenge, try to find the username and password in the code, it's in javascript so there's a hint. Next, click login and boom, you're in. Feel satisfied?

Well, the main part, where you connect your camera and smart lock to your device (Found in the Video Feed tab on the left) is still in beta testing but it works with our prototype.

Before I get into acknowledgments, here is our company description:

We are a company that focuses on what's best for your home and what's best for you!

Through thoughtful processing and development, we have come up with a product in light of the current heat of COVID-19. Introducing Ding, a doorbell with a proximity sensor, smart lock, and a video feed streamed straight to your device! With a non-contact product such as Ding, we can help slow the spread of COVID-19 while allowing you to complete your everyday routine.

So, that's us! Well then this took a bit to make and I took a bit of help from w3schools. Go over there, it'll help you a lot no matter what language you're learning or programming, because they most probably have it!

If you're still reading and haven't completed the challenge yet, here's another hint: ding.

Good luck coders with your future projects and may the force be with you.