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Uray163 (4)

This repl is kinda bad, but I tried to do SOMETHING with my life, it puts you as a student at a new school, don't know why, just did.

ChristopherAndi (1)

Very nice overall. Impressive use of strings and variables together, but I personally use .format to insert the variables.

ex. instead of

print ('\"thank you '+TeacherName+ '.\"') (line 32)

I do

print ('\"thank you {}.\"' .format(Teachername))

That way I can add the variables without wedging them in the middle of the strings.

Great job and Happy coding!

Uray163 (4)

thanks for the tip! i wont go through and change it because it's a pain, but [email protected]

ChristopherAndi (1)

if you put the class as "meth - I mean math" class it turns out SUPER funny.

Uray163 (4)

Well, this is a free-reign area, so it's totally ok, for that to happen, even though the scenario is for [email protected]

Uray163 (4)

and... that is hilarious.... omg i just tried it.

WilliamB (2)

why did you have the loading screen............. -_-

WilliamB (2)

it was still very nicely made - the script was very good

Uray163 (4)

because i wanted to test out the sleep command

AtriDey (29)

@Uray163 Nice, but 18 SECONDS!?!?!?!?

Uray163 (4)

I can shorten it if you want.

Uray163 (4)

I used a random number generator to find the Chromebook number, in this, EVERYONE has Chromebook [email protected]

WilliamB (2)

@Uray163 yeah the sleep command is great just next time please don't overdo it

Uray163 (4)

no problem. and i probably wont even do it again, i was just trying [email protected]

SixBeeps (1085)

This is pretty neat. How long did this take you?

Uray163 (4)

Not long, just like, a day.