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What does REPL mean
FloCal35 (366)

What is REPL an acronym for?

(Semi insired by @JBYT27's Post)

We all know REPL means Read Eval Print Loop (at least you do now)... but what does it REALLY mean? Run this program and find out!

  • Raid.Every.Poor.Larry
  • Real.Exciting.Pride.Loss
  • Ruin.Every.Possible.Lawn
  • Reign.Era.Pants.Load.

    @FlaminHotValdez: Pantload = poop, The poop will reign for an era.

  • Real.Emotion.Pointless.Language
  • Rubber.Empire.Programm.Lag
firefish (937)

@Whippingdot gives lecture about how you aren't supposed to talk about giving upvotes unless you are discussing the topic

Whippingdot (419)

@firefish I deleted my comment without any warning of yours

firefish (937)

I deleted my account without any warning of yours

@Whippingdot i confuzzled

BadGirl913 (9)

you REST.. Then you EXHALE... Then PUSH... Then LOAD your shit

BadGirl913 (9)

is what it really means...? idk if you added that in this.. 🤨

CodingRedpanda (167)

i loaded 100 of them, but 87 was the best!

race eat pant's lab~
firefish (937)

You're joking, right?

FloCal35 (366)

sorry @firefish, my brain wasn't working yesterday

Whippingdot (419)

Wait a sec, @JBYT27 and @FlaminHotValdez and @TsunamiOrSumth why the upvotes when the program doesn't work? sry for pinging btw

FloCal35 (366)

A few hours ago the program wasn't working but I fixed it @JBYT27

TsunamiOrSumth (549)

@Whippingdot nice new pfp! for your question, idk.

FloCal35 (366)

There was a bug @TsunamiOrSumth. It was fixed earlier

Whippingdot (419)

Thanks. It is ok, but if you can, can you give me a link to a profile pic creating website? If you don't, I will leave this as the prof pic but I want to make it very good. @TsunamiOrSumth

TsunamiOrSumth (549)

@Whippingdot there arent really websites, haha, but you can throw it into a photo editor and mess around with it.

Codeverse (43) has now 1000000000000 meanings

Codeverse (43)


boi you have no feelin's
I get you man, I do

MatthewHou (6)

Also I looked at the code and there are a limited number of possibilities possible, and inp!= int it will always be string since it is input...

MatthewHou (6)

it doesn't work for me... for possible combinations when i input a number it says for me to input a number... it is a number :(

JaydenSavarinat (14)

This game is really impressive! Nice job!

AaronMa4 (0)
  1. Repl means: Really.Eat.People.Loud.......
BadGirl913 (9)




BadGirl913 (9)

OMG..Rabbit.Exhale.Poop on.Lawn...LMAOOOO

BadGirl913 (9)

Real. Exciting. Pride. Loss

FlaminHotValdez (364)

Reign.Era.Pants.Load. Pantload = poop
The poop will reign for an era. Is this the best?

WalkWorthy (0)

Ruin. Every. Possible. Lawn xD

FloCal35 (366)

xD @WalkWorthy. I feel bad for the people with those lawns.

FlaminHotValdez (364)

@WalkWorthy possible isn't in the list of P words

BadGirl913 (9)

WOAH!! That is SOO COOL!! OMG, You are AMAZING!!

BadGirl913 (9)

lol.. Its just really cool, I get excited abt cool stuff... @JBYT27

Whippingdot (419)


MikeJMS8910 (60)

it would be cool if there was some grammar implemented to spell out phrases

FloCal35 (366)

yeah @MikeJMS8910. I might try to do that soon

TalinSharma (73)

Cool thing... Maybe make it so if the person enters something that is not a number, you tell them instead of:

TalinSharma (73)

Yeah, it just breaks... Maybe make all the code into a function and then call it at the bottom... Then after you ask for an int you can call the function again... @FloCal35

JBloves27 (1521)

Hahahah, nice job! You should make a while loop on the whole thing so you can do it again and again ;)