tussiez (184)

This is my take on a Minecraft clone! This game was built with Three.js and JavaScript Modules and in a worker.

Coming Soon: Inventory, Better Slabs, Crafting, Multiplayer

How To Play

Click on the crosshair to lock your pointer
W A S D to move around
Scroll to change block
Space to go up
Right click to place, left click to break

UPDATE 10/21/2020

I've just added an inventory! Press E to open the inventory. You can move around the sword in it right now, but tomorrow I'll add the hotbar functionality and block support. All 48 in-game items (items folder) have been uploaded and named, so inventory is really almost done.

  • Fixed jumping (used to infinitely fly)

Q and A

  • How do I change block? Scroll up and down.
  • It's so hard to look around. A: Make sure your pointer is locked(click)
  • It's so hard to place/break. A: It is a bit difficult to break/place on a touchpad. Try a mouse.
  • Why is it taking so long to place/break blocks? A: Please use a different computer.
  • Why can you jump so high? A: I'm lazy
  • Why is the sand biome all slabs? A: I need to fully implement half blocks
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ZDev1 (657)

What happens with you guys 3 three.js games in 3 days?

RayhanADev (376)

@ZDev1 I KNOW RIGHT xD. I wonder how people are picking Minecraft clones again and again. Who even was the original!

fuzzyastrocat (789)

@ZDev1 Wait what was the third game?

fuzzyastrocat (789)

@ZDev1 Ok, I know this one and webcraft, but what was the third one?

fuzzyastrocat (789)

@ZDev1 OH lol, I totally forgot, I thought you meant minecraft clones alone

tussiez (184)

@ZDev1 I've been working on this game for some time, however I didn't feel the need to post it. When I saw WebCraft, I thought it was time.

ZDev1 (657)

@tussiez no it is fine
Good job btw 👍