Introducing Replpedia
PDanielY (1062)

Replpedia Introduction

A while ago I was browsing through my old websites and I found replpedia. It was a project I created that I forgot about for like 3 months. I finished the project and I decided to post it. Replpedia is an unofficial Wikipedia but just for Feel free to add anything you want to it but you'll need to log in with


@PDanielY - Developing and creating this

@jessyperreault - Creating logo for replpedia

Also, I am looking for a logo so if you can make one please mention me in the post.

Edit: The search is kind of broken, I'll fix it after school. for now, you can just go to the /wikis page and it'll show all wikis.

Edit 2: 1000 cycles?

Update 1: You can now edit stuff
Update 2: There is now a bot that you can ping and then enter the name of the post you want and it will reply with the post. @replpedia

Update 3: bots broken lol

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MemeManHimself (79)

When I try to login with replit, it just reloads the page.
And yes, I am using the https version.

PDanielY (1062)

@MemeManHimself looks like the server is down, i'm working on it

MemeManHimself (79)

@PDanielY oof it still doesn't work for me

PDanielY (1062)

@MemeManHimself ok, trying going to and if it doesn't say login then you are logged in and if it does say log in, login and then go to that page again.