Chess Online-Early Beta
rediar (331)
Source Code here

Hello Comrades! Over the past few months or so, I have been working on a Online Chess site. It will undergo major changes in the future.

Current Features

Note: They probably have bugs, are some are not completely completed, and some are in the source code but not implemented
-Games with computer
-Pass and play
-atomic (variant)
-variant and opening API
-replay games
-login system
and some more


-Multiplayer playing
-muliplayer chat
and some other stuff

How to Create an Account

First, open the website, and once you are on the login page, type self encrypt and type in your desired password (this might not be the most secure, so don't use that one password you use for all your sites). The encryption process includes argon2 hashing, so it is much harder to crack it. Leave your desired username and encrypted password at this page in the comments, or DM me on discord.
Feel free to help me bug test. Or DM on discord (Prussia#5256) and you can help develop it.
Make sure to upvote!

ps: if there is some weird stuff try going to

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sugarfi (521)

When I type self encrypt and put in my password it gives me an error saying that eval arg 1 should be a string, bytes, or code object.

rediar (331)

@sugarfi should be fixed now, I made some stuff in the dev version but forgot to roll it out to the public one lol. Please tell me if it doesn't work.

sugarfi (521)

@rediar now I get secret must be unicode or bytes, not None when I enter my password

rediar (331)

@sugarfi yeah I have no clue what that is... its pretty weird. try

sugarfi (521)

@rediar great, thanks! No encryption errors anymore!

rediar (331)

@sugarfi want to make an account now?

sugarfi (521)

@rediar next time i get around to it, i will. do i just post my username and hash here?

ebest (640)

@rediar then delete the comment immediately for extra security