potatojs (801)

about the game

leader board

when you finish all the levels your time will apeare if you get less than 40s send it in the comments and i 'll add you in the finish screen!
hi i'm back yeeeeeeeeey

Worning you are noob= don't play this game 'cause you 'll hate it :)

just drag the mouse near the ball and watch the magic hapening!
of course i well add more levels later..

edit:i'm really sorry for the bugs :( i was so stupid instead of using a real physics engine like(matter.js that i learned recently) i used my own :(

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MohammadAl15 (0)

When You get the RECORD


spent too long on this, but this isn't even optimised.

MohammadAl15 (0)

Honestly not surprised if anyone beats me.

potatojs (801)

don't worry no one is playing this game these days