Where is my cheese?
RohilPatel (348)

This website is all about cheese.

What is the point of cheese?

  1. Cheese is good for you
  2. Cheese starts with the letter "q"
  3. You can make songs with it


I have planted a bad error in the code. First person to spot it wins. (Lol, I was literally just typing lol). First person to spot the "error" will gain access to the file, and they can customize it any way they want! All I ask is that you don't destroy the repl. Have fun!

Please upvote if you support this project!

Oh yea, humor was definitely intended lol. :)

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Vandesm14 (2010)

@Quickstarter is also Rohil Patel? @RohilPatel Why are you using alts to upvote your post?