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Wheres kanye west? The game
rafrafraf (1369)

Play the game at

The aim of the game
Try to find as many kanyes as you can before the timer runs out! When you're done, or WESTED, enter your name (limited to 4 characters) and submit your score to the leaderboard.

credit to @MarcusWeinberger for 50% of the project.

how it works:

  • using the cv2 library in python, we find all the faces positions and sizes in every image we have of crowds.
  • the client then places kanye west on a random face given by the server.

p.s this is unhackable ;)

oh yeah, and we made this in under 24 hours lmao

BobTheTomatoPie (3199)

sometimes you have to scroll down to find him @CyberHacker101

rafrafraf (1369)

@CyberHacker101 😂😂 yeah lots of them are easy but a few are really hard

TalinSharma (73)

Cool Thing! I broke it!

You highlight the page and Mr. West's face stands out!


BobTheTomatoPie (3199)

the creater needs to disable highlighting @TalinSharma

rafrafraf (1369)

@TalinSharma ahahah thats smart, i know how to fix that so should do that soon, thanks for pointing it out

SamuelBrochu (5)

This the absolute stupidest game I've ever seen on this site and I love it.

figglediggle (123)

lol you just got wested

rafrafraf (1369)

@JBYT27 its the initials of a friend of mine lol

lilpeen (219)

This should get more upvotes

tussiez (859)

Can't get the the game to work right now, however looking at the pictures from the comments, great job!

RhinoRunner (641)

I clicked on something that was not a Mr West and nothing happened

RhinoRunner (641)

Why is there a 33,314 line file???

rafrafraf (1369)

@RhinoRunner thats the model for facial recognition

RhinoRunner (641)

@JBYT27 It also has all of these copyright statements... what is that???

MarcusWeinberger (678)

@RhinoRunner it's not my model, I got it off GitHub