Super Python Operating System
17lwinn (9)

Let me welcome SuperPyOS, the pseudoOS written in python that has been migrated from glitch.

It has a wide range of features and an anti-piracy API, these can be modified easily and is a good thing to start working on.

Take a look! (on dependency prompt, type N unless it is your project)

supports- virtualisation (virtualenv), VIm (pyvim package) and many more!

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StudentFires (327)

Whoa, look at that, a real OS... py import os import io import platform # modules to use import subprocess import sys import glob from time import *
Realest stuff I've seen.

StudentFires (327)

@17lwinn Hmm, import os. First line, you worked hard.

17lwinn (9)

Thanks... if it didn't have that line then the project would be a complete waste of time @StudentFires