Empire tycoon(W.I.P)
techde (99)

HI guys, just wanted to share this with you, I will be releasing final version with @cancrusher later today, mod's pls dont unlisted this for description does not describe, home page uses some w3schools styles, but we will be changing them to our own, later they are just there for beta testing! Here it is:https://repl.it/@JSgameDEV/JS-GAME#index.html The repl In the post is just a random one, bc im not leader of the team so I can't share!

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DynamicSquid (3586)

Why can't you get the leader to share that post?

techde (99)

@DynamicSquid He's AFK and im impatient! LOL

techde (99)

@DynamicSquid Rn the games just a clicker btw, we started this yesterday so we don't have much progress!

cancrusher (3)

@techde no im not, im just binging netflix lol

techde (99)

@cancrusher Ok, then we release full details later k?