cpiechocki (130)

Hello have fun watching my second repl! Thanks to @gameplayrawesom (My big bro) I can code.

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gameplayrawesom (127)

Why do i get notified when their is a post with my name in it. I swear please tell me why. :(


@gameplayrawesom You got mentioned

nt998302 (160)

@gameplayrawesom Hey, you're lucky to have such a great bro xD

gameplayrawesom (127)

@nt998302 Thx he can sometimes be a little annoying tho... But he still is awesome!!!


Because thinks he is trying to tell you something, like replying a comment. @gameplayrawesom

[deleted] thinks he wants to tell you something. It’s like replying a comment, but by post. @gameplayrawesom

gameplayrawesom (127)

@CodeABC123 Do u mean in I didnt mean that i meant at our house. LOL