My online countdown
Cooolcoder (102)

For the past few days, I have been working on this countdown. I spent over 7 hours working on my project, and this project is my biggest yet. It is mobile friendly and I will add more countdowns to this website soon!


3+ countdowns with milliseconds
Nice looking and clean interface
Custom domain
Imported fonts
Mobile friendliness
Hundreds of lines of code in Js, Css, and Html.

View it here: instead of the small version.
Happy thanksgiving everyone! :D

Upvote if you liked it, Downvote if you hated it.

edit: please no hate on this thing, im only 10. You can post suggestions in the comments if you want.

[email protected] (btw i'm @Cooolcoder not @Coolcoder)

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duck132912 (196)

Why is there SO MUCH negativity?

duck132912 (196)

@Cooolcoder and... did you get a custom domain for FREE? or did your parents help you

Cooolcoder (102)

@duck132912 I got my domain myself from freenom, but they only offer 5 different domain names. I used cf. You can see @FeixuRuins comment below to see what domains they offer. You can also purchase .com and other domains for other prices, but I took the free version. I used .cf because it's free. Check it out at