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Wilderness Explorer (PRE-ALPHA) | Text Adventure Game
JayBFC (28)

NOTE: This is in pre-alpha stages and is an EXTREMELY early release, meaning there will be bugs, the gameplay will be very short and not as good as on final release. I just wanted to see what you thought to the opening part of the storyline.

Wilderness Explorer is a text adventure game, where you start in a forest and make your way up to WILL BE REVEALED UPON END OF BETA.

Like I previously mentioned, this is in pre alpha, so there WILL be bugs.

If you would like me to continue this, don't forget to like the post and vote for it!

And also, if you are reading this and you are a member of repl's team, if you like it don't forget to put me in the newsletter lol. (joke, only do if you like it)


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