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World's Most Frustrating Game
Funkus (239)

Welcome to the World's Most Easy Frustrating Game...

BTW enter your highscore (send a screenshot if you can) and, I'll add it to the leaderboard.

How to play

Follow the instructions in game.

How frustrating is it?

It depends on how frustrating you make it.

Is there a prize?

The top 3 players(when i check tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. PST) get a +1 cycle.

Upvote if liked, report any insects bugs if found.
SuperUser111 (12)

Either I'm a god at this game or it's broken. :/ (This was on impossible mode)

SuperUser111 (12)

@Funkus Where is my spot on the leaderboard?

Funkus (239)

@SuperUser111 There's a bug where it doesn't let me add to my code :(

SuperUser111 (12)


Looks like you got it fixed! (I'm not quite sure what's so difficult with printing more text :D) Thanks.

Funkus (239)

@SuperUser111 lol it didnt let me... my repl freezed

andliu766 (21)

I got 999 on Frustratingly impossible level

Funkus (239)

@andliu766 adding you to leaderboard... I would recquire a screenshot as this is really hard. Or impossible.

piemadd (61)

(unrelated to this but youre the only one in my code jam/hackathon without discord. check my twitter @pierom_qwerty)

Funkus (239)

@piemadd Umm... I made a discord account ( I had one, but forgot the password) so my new username is funkus#2661

aguy11 (127)

Um, I got an error:

I think you should remove the backslash that's pointed at by the arrow(Sorry if it's hard to see), though I don't know Java, so take a look yourself.

k9chelsea2 (731)

I got 6 on Human-friendly level is dat bad or bad?

Funkus (239)

@NDLFOREVER pretty good. Ill add you to leaderboard...

k9chelsea2 (731)

oh thanks lol at first I wasn't sure what to do but when you get the hang of it it becomes a tad bit easier


1-3 and it chooses 0?

SuperUser111 (12)

@Funkus Remember that Rand.nextInt(x) produces x+1 possibilities, because it includes 0.

Funkus (239)

@HahaYes thats the most i can do lol

SriramManikand1 (10)

I got 4 in human friendly level

Funkus (239)

@SriramManikand1 good job. I'll add you to the leadeboard