Introducing Replpedia
PDanielY (1060)

Replpedia Introduction

A while ago I was browsing through my old websites and I found replpedia. It was a project I created that I forgot about for like 3 months. I finished the project and I decided to post it. Replpedia is an unofficial Wikipedia but just for Feel free to add anything you want to it but you'll need to log in with


@PDanielY - Developing and creating this

@jessyperreault - Creating logo for replpedia

Also, I am looking for a logo so if you can make one please mention me in the post.

Edit: The search is kind of broken, I'll fix it after school. for now, you can just go to the /wikis page and it'll show all wikis.

Edit 2: 1000 cycles?

Update 1: You can now edit stuff
Update 2: There is now a bot that you can ping and then enter the name of the post you want and it will reply with the post. @replpedia

Update 3: bots broken lol

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code913 (3)

Would love to contribute to this project (if only i knew CSS)

PDanielY (1060)

@code913 Do you know Python, javascript, or HTML?

code913 (3)

@PDanielY ik node.js javascript and a lil' bit of HTML never tried browser-based javascript
literally my only try at HTML CSS and browser-based JS

PDanielY (1060)

@code913 oof. that website is super cool tho

code913 (3)

@PDanielY alright i'm working on adding more stuff to the wiki