[GAME] Game Dev Simulator
Viaticboss19 (139)

Roughly 500 lines of codes, and many hours of code later, Game Dev Simulator is complete.
The Game gives you an overview of how to play so an explanation is not needed. Have fun, and start the game company of your dreams!

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ChezTacoz (297)

Wow I need to start a gaming company

ChezTacoz (297)

@sojs im gonna start a gaming company

octopyBot (262)

@sojs dont forget me!

im trash at coding so pls carry me
firefish (409)

@ChezTacoz And me, your cough front cough back cough whatever-end dev, Lord Taco.

Leroy01010 (152)

and meeee @ChezTacoz

i'm excellent at coding

AJDevelopment (24)

@ChezTacoz I'm making a game console if you want to you can develop for it.

firefish (409)

@ChezTacoz You need to see How much of a success Rip-off Game by Firefish Co was

ChezTacoz (297)

@firefish I did an even more big brain thing:

ChezTacoz (297)

@Duvangamer3845 ah but you see not only do I have lots of money I also have lots of fans and copies sold thus making me the more successful company

ChezTacoz (297)

@firefish its oki ur idea works 2

Duvangamer3845 (69)

@ChezTacoz the money is the most important

TheBananaTux (0)

@octopyBot no me u do html css and js i can only do python im going to learn pygame :( this is my failed attempt in c++ https://repl.it/@TheBananaTux/Thisissoshard#main.cpp

Rumble330 (3)

@firefish thats the secret! just make every game cost 1 billion dollars and make profit 😎

firefish (409)

@Rumble330 I created one called ripoff game which was worth about 10^140 -1 dollars

firefish (409)

@RahabarSekandar and a negative number of people bought it haha

HermioneGrange2 (4)

@ChezTacoz How do you get so many fans????? I have like a gazillion dollars but only 1,000 fans