Human Worth Calculator
Axrevyn (73)

A quick game I made. It takes a survey from you and calculates your worth from it.
(This is a joke post, no human can be measured in something like money.)
Thanks, @EthanCulp, for noticing my blunder.

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ShadedFlame (22)

Wow, I'm brand new and could never make something like this...

Axrevyn (73)

I can't say I'm brand new, but I'm definitely a beginner, and even new programmers can make something funny. Don't put yourself down like that!

EthanCulp (17)

Hey so I noticed something you did, you did int(variable) to turn the variable into an integer, to turn it into an integer, you need to do variable = int(variable)
That is why everybody is getting insanely high numbers, hope this helped @Axrevyn

Axrevyn (73)

@EthanCulp Thanks, I didn't notice