Q&A site with Golang complete!
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##Check out my 2 weeks of hard dedication and 600 lines of backend code here PROUDLY MADE IN GOLANG:
Don't use it in an embedded frame! There is a domain lock.
It goes to sleep and takes a long time to wake up, so that's another problem.
This is one of my first projects for Golang and this is a good start!
I hope you like it though! Please notify me of any bugs if you find some.

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Coder100 (4314)

Wow!! Really awesome! But try to put off with the alert()s and make

these when you hover over them have cursor: pointer;. Great job!! Really like how the login with google fits in with the rest of the page.

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I'll replace the alerts, confirms, and prompts with bootstrap modals soon. I did the cursor: pointer thing though.