RePy Beta Release
SushiPython (43)

@CodeMonkey51 and I are proud to release RePy Beta 0.2 to Replit.

What is RePy?

RePy is a simple coding language that can support a variety of things form variables and input to math.
It's a modern approach to Python, written in Python, for Python users.
It has many basic functionalities including:

  • HTTP Requests
  • Reading External Files
  • Variable Support
  • List Support
  • Mathematics Engine


version - prints version
vprint - prints variable
print - prints string
input - gets the user's input the 1st arg is what variable its stored in the rest is the prompt
iopen - requests the link given then runs the code hosted there
open - opens and runs .repy file
math - does (order of operations but only +,-,/,* right now)
let - makes a variable the 1st arg is type (int,str,list,dict) second arg is variable name and anything after that is its content (to make a list you would do: let list var1 help,this,is,a,list and a dict would be: let dict var1 help:this,is:a,dict:. )
request - 1st arg variable name 2nd arg url to request


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