Nano DOS - A Python 3 "Operating System" by JayBFC and HarveyH
JayBFC (28)

Nano DOS is a simple Python 3 operating system running on a few handlers, such as command handlers and parsers, program handlers and even more. It has a few built in external programs.

Lead Developer: @JayBFC
Assistant Developer: @HarveyH

Get your custom program included in Nano DOS!
To get your own program included in Nano DOS' program list, simply use the following format and put the link in the comments of this post. The best custom program will be featured on this post as well as your name in the credits list which is still in the future to come.

def programname():
    #Code of the program here

class programname_class:
    def __init__(self):

    def run_programname(self):

This "operating system" does not have much features yet, but me and @HarveyH started development just an hour or two ago.

Thanks for viewing this post and don't forget to give Nano DOS a try. Please, please leave feedback in the comments to make Nano DOS the best it can be.

Stay awesome :)

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HappyFakeboulde (222)

Y'know, in real operating systems/shells, you don't have a command just for running things (unless the things to run are scripts), instead, you just have a command for that program.

JayBFC (28)

@HappyFakeboulde Thanks for your comment. I have seen this on some text based operating systems, but i just though i might make it a little different. I will definitely take both of your points into consideration and maybe include them in a future update.