Machine learning program that almost works
LiamTimpane (8)

It is a python machine learning program. When it starts, click enter. Then, type help to see the commands. Teach it with the teach command, and then use it with the console command. To clear memory, just re-run the program.

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Proxy303 (7)

You know, there's a reason I said it ALMOST works.

Proxy303 (7)

@Proxy303 oops... I am signed in to my other account...
I have two repl accounts, soon I will be migrating all of my other files to the one I am commenting from.


@Proxy303 Might want to check accounts before posting

AdCharity (1346)

@Proxy303 bruh.... upvoting your own posts is kinda 😐

AdCharity (1346)

No it’s all good really. I’m just saying cause if you have too many other accounts, it’s likely moderators will try to lock your post. @Proxy303

AdCharity (1346)

@Proxy303 In addition, votes (or cycles) are what get people to look at your posts. So really, saying that people are giving rude comments is very similar to saying I upvoted my own posts so people could do so.