Simple Replit User API
PYer (3231)

Hello everyone! I haven't been active for a long time considering everything that's going on. I did get bored and created this quickly. I often create repls that interact with data about real replit users. With that in mind I decided to create a simple API, not too complicated, that would give basic information on a user.

There are probably already a few others out there

To use the api, you can scrape that data with requests module, by going to the url<PUT_USERNAME_HERE>

If you just want to test the api, you can get an edited version of the data that is more pleasant to look at by replacing the get with view.<PUT_USERNAME_HERE>

For example, the data will be raw here:

To get it cleaner, go to:

Thanks! I hope you will find a use for this someday!

Source Code: The repl linked is an example of using the API, to look at the source code for the API itself, go to: User Api

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ApoorvAgrawal (28)

You should make it so that instead of manually having to change the code, take user input and then if the user doesn't exist, using a try-except send a error message

PYer (3231)

The repl attached is just a quick example of how to use it. It isn't the main focus of the post. The part that I really want to share is the API itself. The attached repl just demonstrates that it can be done, and shows an easy way to use it. @ApoorvAgrawal