[ GAME ] Hide and Seek2
Coder100 (8490)

Hide and Seek++

Have you ever shot at people in hide and seek? As a seeker, have you ever had to collect dots? And in both roles, have you ever had a set way of defining "score"?? Time limits?? Not at all! In this spin-off of the hide-and-seek, all those features will get incorporated! Hide-and-seek just got a lot more interesting!


This is the demo for a new game I am making, it will be multiplayer and you will have time limits and so much more! This is just a demo so I can get ideas and feedback :D

How to play

It is included in-game, but if you want:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • WASD to move
  • Hiders: Click to shoot


Why am I always a seeker?
Why don't you want to be a seeker smh
Don't worry--you will be able to be a hider in the full edition
What was it made in?
JavaScript and soon socket.io!


  • Special thanks to @GeneralBaker for pointing out the holes being unrealistic! I fixed it :)
  • Added 3 new hiding places! Sand, Pond, Log
  • Nerfed hider score


I could not make this game so awesome if not for the help of


Have fun!
Please comment below with answers to these questions:

  • is it laggy? What is the average framerate?
  • how long does it take to get to number 1 on the leaderboard?
  • are the colors good?
    Happy Seeking!
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realTronsi (192)

You should normalize the vector. When you move diagonally your speed increases, so you have to multiply xv and yv by around 0.711 (or normalize the xv yv vector) when the player is moving diagonally

realTronsi (192)

@realTronsi Also you should've started with multiplayer lmao. You're going to have to redo most of it in order to convert to multiplayer. ;p

Coder100 (8490)

haha I probably won't in this I already got half of the frontend done @realTronsi

realTronsi (192)

@Coder100 well you have to move all the spawning and physics and stuff to the backend. Also with the holes maybe you could go into them but only stay in for a certain amount of time instead of going underneath a hole but just an idea