FoRtUnE_TeLLeR 🔮 ✨
Bookie0 (2659)

Heerrrrrloooo people!!! :) :D

Come, come, yes all of you, come here if you seek the fortune of ye close ones...

You shall know what’ll happen in seconds, days, years, or even centuries...


Relatively easy, just do what it tells you to do

Comments, tips, suggestions, all are welcome!

And as a closing, remember that upvoting is caring! 😊 😃 🙏

Have a superb day!

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ChezCoder (1455)

Your pet shall dig a hole in 5 seconds.
my fish will what???

Bookie0 (2659)

Some meanings aren’t meant to be taken literally.... if you see what I mean! ;) @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1455)

@Bookie0 XD yeh ik it was a joke :D