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Youtube Unblocker
Coder100 (15676)

YouTube Unblocker

I made my own YouTube Unblocker with ytdl-core and some express. It actually works quite well, and download times are super fast!


I made this because some videos (using my school wifi) were restricted. This allows you to also download videos, so even if you don't require it to unblock videos, you can also use it to download videos and watch videos without advertisements


There really aren't any limits as far as I can see, but try not to download 10-hour long videos, repls don't have that much storage space :(((


Step 1. Find the video link that is blocked

Step 2. Copy the URL

Step 3. Click that big red button

Step 4. Watch it, ig

DISCLAIMER: It takes a few minutes to fully download some videos (even longer if you are impatient, or the video is long). Be patient, it should take no longer than 10 minutes for even 30 minute videos

Known Bugs

You sometimes get rick-rolled.
Some thumbnails don't work, and that's mainly because the video hasn't been cached yet.

Example videos

5x5 Rubik's Cube WR
Fastest Cat Slaps
Me at the Zoo
Don't click this


I hope you enjoyed my unblocker! Please comment with suggestions on what I should add to the unblocker.

Oh and also try out Cycle Bot! There's many more updates now!

ch1ck3n (1268)

Who da hec cached this video


Dammit I got rick-rolled! lmao


@Coder100 This is pretty pog tho :)


@Coder100 np :)

btw could you pls gimme some ideas for a 100 cycle special post? i am thinking a platformer, but i can't think of where to add the '100' in it...


@ch1ck3n - ok...that's a bit too hard for me to do lol

JaxonSubasavage (0)

@Coder100 ummmmmmm, where do we type the URL?

JBloves27 (1521)

Very epic!

time to use this to hack the entire universe! ...

RedMonster12 (0)

there are many bugs, at least once a day, there will be a session where it can't load, and also there is a session in which any vids that do load are corrupted, and then, a new thing came up, there is a session with no audio(even on my backups)

RedMonster12 (0)

i got a syntax error and now it doesn't work anymore :(

RedMonster12 (0)

sometimes the video doesn't load, i get the title, but the vid itself is 0:00 minutes long

elburg (36)


elburg (36)

very funny. but Cool!

JiahaoCao (11)

im trying to watch streams lmao

code913 (16)

you can also use it to download videos and watch videos without advertisements

congrats, you just made youtube pointless for people who make a living off of monetization on their videos

GabrielWood2 (1)

@code913 You realize they won't get the money anyway if the school blocks the videos. This increases total happiness. Think about it like this-
Option 1-You don't get to watch the video. The person who made it doesn't get money.
Option 2-You get to watch the video. The person who made it doesn't get money.
Thus, either way, they don't get money. But, this increases total happiness.

EpicGamer007 (1506)

Me, sees YouTube unblocker and videos cached

Also me, aggressively searches for rick roll vid

maxina (43)

oh but when I put in a video from a playlist, it does not work

Coder100 (15676)

@maxina yeah, it doesn't parse playlist URLs

maxina (43)

hmm shortened link? Does it expose personel info?

Coder100 (15676)

@maxina no, the shortened link was just scraped from the youtube website lol

tussiez (859)

Unfortunately, with all unblockers, they get blocked if they say unblocker in my school system... :(
Anyway.. good work!

Coder100 (15676)

oof :(
but thanks! Feel free to fork it and rename the url lol @tussiez

Squirrel777 (112)

This is great! But like 80% of the videos seen are... fortnite ugh

badst (667)

lol someone really looked up this video

lol this as well

overall nice, looks and functions fast and great

alanchen12 (25)

pog but i think will be blocked on my school laptop soon.

Coder100 (15676)

but that doesn't mean will :))) @alanchen12

Coder100 (15676) is a different domain @FloCal35

FloCal35 (366)

I was asking why is the school blocking it @Coder100 @alanchen12

AaronMa4 (0)

@Coder100 4 me is blocked but isn't. But the sad thing is I can't see the output of a program

ccccssx (1)

This is actually Very epic