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Youtube unblocker
Gordon_Ramsay (22)

put this a new page

javascript:(function()%7Bvar theId %3D window.location.href%3Bvar theOtherId %3D window.location.href%3Bvar YouTube %3D "youtube"%3Bvar YouTube2 %3D ""%3Bvar YouTube3 %3D ""%3Bvar YouTube4 %3D ""%3Bif (theId.indexOf(YouTube) >%3D 0) %7Bvar string %3D theId.split('%3D')%3BtheId %3D string%5B1%5D%3B%7Dif (theId.indexOf(YouTube2) >%3D 0) %7Bvar sString %3D theId.split('%2F')%3BtheId %3D sString%5B3%5D%3B%7Dif (theId.indexOf(YouTube3) >%3D 0) %7Bvar ssString %3D theId.split('%2F')%3BtheId %3D ssString%5B3%5D%3B%7Dif (theId.indexOf(YouTube4) >%3D 0) %7Bvar sssString %3D theId.split('%2F')%3BtheId %3D sssString%5B3%5D%3B%7Dvar newId %3D theId.match(%2F.%7B1%2C11%7D%2Fg)%3Bvar otherId %3D theOtherId.split('%26')%3BotherId.splice(0%2C 1)%3Bvar otherPartId %3D "%3F" %2B otherId%5B0%5D%3BotherId.splice(0%2C 1)%3Bfor(i %3D 0%3B i<otherId.length%3B i%2B%2B)%7BotherPartId %2B%3D '%26'%3BotherPartId %2B%3D otherId%5Bi%5D%3B%7Dvar customLink %3D '' %2B newId%5B0%5D %2B otherPartId %2B '%26autoplay%3D1'%3Bwindow.location.href %3D '' %2B customLink%7D)()

Gordon_Ramsay (22)

Please comment if it works

Posiedon (20)

it does not work