Password Vault! #WEEKLY
minx28 (497)

A password vault! Get it here
You can log in with, nice and secure, then store as many passwords as you like, and you can store a website name with a password as well.
Passwords are hidden by default, but each one has a button to show it and to copy it to clipboard.
You can also edit and delete passwords, as well as get a mnemonic that'll help you remember each password.
There's even a random password generator with several options!
Also, I finally wrote some new CSS, instead of using my website's site-wide stylesheets, so @CodingCactus would shut up :)
And if anyone knows how the heck to log out from Repl Auth, pls lmk
Please ignore the repl I have attached to this post as it is the entire repl for my personal website, which I have already shared in a different post. The links to the source code for the password vault are specific files in that repl.

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clawstrike (22)

Yup, I 100% NOT going to put my passwords here. To help you feel better I don't even share my passwords with my parents. Rarely I do but mostly no.NO = 99% YES = 1%

minx28 (497)

@clawstrike lol, really don't put your passwords here. It is not safe at all. It's just for weekly challenges and it satisfies the requirements.