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Zuhdi28 (482)

Welcome to the z-lang IDE!

thx a lot for @darkshadowshado because he helped me a lot(i mane a lot lot lot lot)!

Enjoy and happy coding


darkshadowshado (8)

everyone, take_input have been having bugs so I've removed it so that means you need to do input(btw u have to make a var then put the input then so something like: make inputvar = input('input here>> ')

darkshadowshado (8)

ill try and get it to work one day well ill do research on it but we could do so for variables u got to do input and for plain do take_input but then it's bad also the bug was a bad one to so [email protected]

darkshadowshado (8)

friend of mine says it should work @Zuhdi28

hg0428 (74)

I can use os.system("rm")
The output for all past inputs are also outputted when you type 'y' when it asks if you want output.

Zuhdi28 (482)

@hg0428 yea
write download os
and the make os.system("rm")

darkshadowshado (8)

its how made it work i did try and add a clear command but failed at it @hg0428

darkshadowshado (8)

i could do so if u say y then do output and clear(try and do)

darkshadowshado (8)

@hg0428 added a clear if output is y

darkshadowshado (8)

I removed it because there was bugs with the system @hg0428